“Back from the UK, after a week of treading old boards and smashing new barriers along with their young protagonists Rats on Rafts, Minny Pops unleash further cultural mayhem in March and April. This mayhem has been given a name - ULTRA 2012 - and has five centres of action -  beginning in Brussels on 7 March and then traversing the Vaderland in a clockwise direction. Nijmegen (8 March), Eindhoven (9 March), Rotterdam (10 March) and Amsterdam (11 March and 7 April).

The Minny Pops themselves will be present at all Pop-Up shows in some form: the band play in Amsterdam in radically different guises on both Amsterdam dates. Miss them at your peril, because this will be  the last time.

The ULTRA train may be travelling clockwise around NL but ULTRA is definitely Not Wise. Any thoughts that Doe Maar Gewoon is a motto worth living by are banished in the face of the Mad March Hare.

Flour, flowers and no little power, past present and future beats through a gender blender,

UK Press*:
Minny Pops sound as simultaneously contemporary and timelessly out there as they probably did first time round.  (Cath Aubergine -Manchester Music)
Their bass driven melancholia still packs a concise and brooding danger and power and they remain vital. It would a shame if these are their only shows. (John Robb - Louder than War)
Their reference-free artistic ambition sounds fresher than ever in these post-ironic times. (Matt Hopkinson - Sounds XP)
Minny Pops exude a European-powered confidence, allowing those sharp, tight rhythm figures to template fifteen songs that no longer seem lost in time, space and era. (Mick Middles  - The Quietus)
An intriguing show, Minny Pops indeed showed the spirit and sound of their 1980s career has not diminished in the slightest.(Fiona Burke - The Upcoming)

March 10th sees Worm and Tikis open their doors for a day of mental ULTRA entertainment. First, an afternoon of talks about ULTRA with Harold Schellinx and others, plus silly games and gently weird musickes in Tikis - courtesy of our deejays from Incendiary magazine, Rats on Rafts, and maybe even dj Minny Pops.
All this loveliness changes in Worm; to a night of celebratory mayhem with dazzling new Cocteau Twinnery from April, enigmatic uber-folk from AC Berkheimer, indescribable noises and High Magick from Red de Planeet and Rogier, and an ULTRA-inspired set from those Master Builders, Hallo Venray. Grooving on an Inner plane continues deep into the night with D-struct deejays and maybe a set from electric cover girl OM Source.


From East to West, from North to South, clockwise or anticlockwise, moving through shards of time: provo to post punk, avant-garde to squat pop… March 2012 will witness ULTRA2012 events in four Dutch cities: Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

ULTRA -short for “Ultramodernen” – is the collective name for a group of Dutch bands and artists who were involved in one of the great experimental waves in pop history, that of 1979 – 83. ULTRA was responsible for the creation of some of the greatest post-punk experimental pop in Europe; a sound that saw musicians and artists of all kinds grabbing the directness, energy and DIY philosophy of punk and combining it with new ideas, methods and technological innovations, as well as sifting parallel ideas from jazz and modern classical music into a strange and heady mix.

The ULTRA2012 events will be no nostalgic strolls down memory lane, rather a set of nights concerned with bringing together the original movers and shakers in ULTRA 79-83 with artists and bands who are busy creating their own mind-maps in this fractured modern world of ours.