Programma zaterdag 10 maart 2012 in Tiki’s en Worm

April - ULTRA set
AC Berkheimer - ULTRA set
Hallo Venray - ULTRA set
Rogier - ULTRA set

Minny Pops DJ set, Gonnie Rietveld (Quando Quango), Incendiary Magazine, D-struct.

Locatie: Worm , Rotterdam
Aanvang 21:00 uur
Entree 8,- euro

+ vooraf DIY Debat met oudgedienden (o.a. Harold Schellinx, Gonnie Rietveld) en jonge helden van de (Rotterdamse) scene  in Tiki Bar, Rotterdam  , muziek van onze “huis deejays”, Incendiary magazine en Rats on Rafts (17:30 - 20:00 / GRATIS)


It was inside of a run-down apartment in a run-down neighbourhood in the city of Utrecht, where the foundation for the April project was laid. I say project, as besides music April also encompasses elements of fashion and visuals. Founders Jorn Mathijssen and Julia Hendriks, both fascinated by the eighties, create their art in an
attempt to bring change to the, shall we say, mundane Dutch music scene. Inspired by acts such as The xx, The National and Tamaryn the duo start writing
songs. Clean electric guitar riffs are intermingled with dark bass tones and
swelling melodies. Two unusual voices melt to become one. Layers mix in a dreamy
and vulnerable atmosphere, characterising the wilful music.

Red de Planeeet!!

diy superherroes super robber, roaming rabecca and she-man putting highly danceable and noisy attack and -defense strategies to prepare u for your own missions. ‘ a blend of electronic & bended devices, samples, drums, bass, synth guitar and voice..


 AC Berkheimer

Sounds Like: a shoegaze version of The Organ and Ladytron or maybe Electrelane meets My Bloody Valentine with the poppy side of Sonic Youth/Zoppo/Polvo or m83 without electronics we’re influenced by the Pixies, the Smiths, the Cure , slowdive, ride and probably loads of other bands we didn’t even know ……. who knows what might have been the biggest influence, we just like playing music and this is what it sounds like when we do…so listen to it and make up your own mind.

Lees het interview met AC Berkheimer op Incendiary

Hallo Venray is a Dutch band that has been around for over 20 years. They started out as a classic four-piece band, but have been a ‘power’ trio for almost ten years now. In this simple yet effective line up Hallo Venray has made some of the most exciting music in their career.
Live performances are spectacular because the band loves to improvise and make the most out of every song they play. Audiences watch and hear a loud band or a band that winds itself gracefully through an eerily quiet song. Leather on my Soul is their 12th record and is a double album. The album contains one electric side and one acoustic each contain the same songs.The dutch label Excelsior-Recordings released the album in September 2008.
On drums Henk Jonkers one of the most experienced and exciting drummers in Holland . Peter Konings plays the Guild Starfire bass guitar and always locks on to the drums. Henk Koorn is the vocalist and has the Fender Telecaster and plays it in an unorthodox way.